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The Big Bang Fair 2015

Find out all about the incredible experience that was The Big Bang Fair 2015 and what attendees experienced during their time there.


Right now, GSK is testing a new investigational vaccine against malaria. Nobody has managed to make a vaccine against a disease caused by a parasite before. It will be a scientific first, which could help us fight back against this deadly enemy.

Fuel to win

What should we eat to enjoy a long, strong and healthy life? Taking in the right mix of nutrients is important, not just in competitive sports or extreme exploration, but for everyone.

The Big Bang Fair 2014

GSK Science Education spent a fantastic four days at the Big Bang Fair, held at the Birmingham NEC from 13 to 16 March 2014.

The Big Bang Fair 2013

We had an amazing four days at the Big Bang Fair in London. 60,000 attendees had the chance to try out our Formula 1 simulator and to test their skills of speed, strength and concentration at our stand.

Cell membrane

Learn about the role of the cell membrane in the animal cell.


See why the cytoplasm is key to cell functionality.


Find out how the nucleus acts as a command centre and how genes determine characteristics.


Find out why mitochondria are known as the power houses of the cell.